Speaker Presentations

Beginners Track

Ray Mitchell
Create Your Podcast Platform on WordPress

Lynn White
10 Mistakes Newbies Make When Just Starting With WordPress and How to Avoid Them

Melissa Eggleston
What We Know About Website Users

Tony Zeoli
The Power of Jetpack

Eddie Burroughs
Building a Real Estate Website

Melodie Laylor
More (Mis)adventures in Nonprofit Web Design

Kelly Phillips
5 Things You Shouldn’t Do With A WordPress Plugin

Adam Sewell
Set up Shopp – e-commerce on WordPress

Cole Watts
Offline is the new Online: Getting Your WordPress Website to Rank Without even Touching it

Power Users Track

Anthony Navarro
Money for Nothin’! – How to start a lucrative Web Development Business for No Money Down

Jake Aull
SEO Strategy for WordPress Sites & Blogs

Michael McNeill
Things you should know about WordPress (but were always afraid to ask)

Dee Teal
Responsible [digital] Home Ownership

Jeff Matson
Stop Eating Resources and Optimize Your WordPress Site

Allen Moore
The Art of Untethering: How Is Your Work/Life Balance?

Steven Sorenson
Multilingual WordPress – How to make your WordPress site multilingual

Steve Mortiboy
Getting started with WordPress development: Tricks to help you code

Peter Baylies
WordPress Server Security: Best Practices

Developers Track

Will Haley
Angling Angular in WordPress

Glenn Ansley
Developing Ecommerce Sites with iThemes Exchange

Justin Sternberg
CMB2: The Metabox Strikes Back

Jordan Cauley
Getting Started with Gulp.js

RC Lations
Using Data to Power The User Experience

Julien Melissas
Roots: the starter theme that will make you a better developer

William Earnhardt
Managing Multisite: Lessons From a Large Network

Micah Wood
Using Composer with WordPress

Josh Levinson
A Modern Design Process