Responsible [digital] Home Ownership

his is a user track talk that I delivered for the Pro Blogger Training weekend on the Gold Coast (Australia) for Darren Rowse and his team and for the WordPress Brisbane meetup. It’s geared towards training up WordPress users to take better care of the back end of their sites.

I believe that it is easy to make strong comparisons between looking after your website, and looking after your home.

You need insurance to cover you for when things go wrong and a plan of attack to get yourself back on track when bad things happen.

You need to undertake routine maintenance to make sure your site is healthy, will keep working, and will sustain your content for the long term.

Your site needs proper security measures to prevent attacks and keep your content safe and prevent your site being misused by others.

Your site needs pest control to deal with spammy pests.

Finally, when you’ve got your site secured and up to date and ‘insured’ you should start thinking about optimising its performance and efficiency.

In this talk we’ll cover the areas that need looking after and offer some tips and tools so that site owners can walk away confident that they have the goods to be able to better maintain their digital homes.


Dee Teal


Power Users