Offline is the new Online: Getting Your WordPress Website to Rank Without even Touching it

We always talk about rankings and the performance of your website, but changes you make to your overall business strategy can greatly impact the way your website performs and how much business you actually makes.

This session will focus on the following:

  1. News worthy events are the new link building opportunity. Let’s be honest, we all want links back to our site. But how do we create those links? Why not hold an event or press conference. Do something news worthy.
  2. Social Media and networking. You would be surprised how many times people have made money by going to an event or by talking to someone online. By becoming an authority, people are going to want to link to you, genuinely.
  3. Customer Retention. Let’s be honest if you’re a contractor such as plumber, electrician, or even accountant, people use your service once and then forget about you. The goal is to create a customer retention plan so that these customers don’t forget about you. I like email but some people even use videos. By creating compelling timely content that people will continue to want to look at you’re driving looks and impressions, that will then lead to links.


Cole Watts