Create Your Podcast Platform on WordPress

For many years now, WordPress has served as more than a just a blogging platform, it’s use as a Content Management System is well known. While most users are familiar with managing web copy, images and streaming video, the explosive growth of podcasting is breathing new life into WordPress.

As podcasting is quickly becoming a source of entertainment and education for listeners, for content creators it is becoming an important part of their overall content strategy. The flexible WordPress platform is a natural place for this content to be shared.

In this presentation, Ray will cover the basics of podcast production, and most importantly, how to optimize your WordPress site in a way that helps you build you listenership at the same time you build a sturdy and sustainable platform.

Attendees will get a brief overview and history of podcasting, learn how the podcast makes it from the microphone to the listener’s ear, and learn how to configure their WordPress installation in a way that is useful for site visitors and is easy to maintain for the site owner.


Ray Mitchell